Process OVEN

Batch type IR oven for display panel curing process

LCD/OLED Curing Process Oven


Our IR Oven  provides solution to maintain high temperature  (≤ 350°C) with unique uniformity (± 3°C) to the display manufacturer. Our special design provides easy and low maintenance. We have installed base in Korea and China display panel manufacturing.

We customize the solution to meet customer’s specification.


Drying after WET station after printing

OLED encapsulation/evaporation, PR hard bake, PA curing after rubbing curing & ETC

 Substrate size  :  G2 – G10.5 

 Max temperature  : < 350°C

 Temperature uniformity

±3°C  or 1% of the nominal process temperature

 Particle  : 10 class (ISO 4)

 Process Gas : N2, CDA, ETC

 Gas control : O2, N2, H2O < 10ppm (<1PPM N2 with purification system option)