Gas Purifier

Gas Purification System (Circulation Purifier, Solvent Trap, Piping, and Gas Monitoring System) provides pure gas in semiconductor, FPD, LED, and solar manufacturing process. 

Our qualified purification system uses Getter material, Alumina, Zeolite, and etc. to absorb impurities (N2, H2, H2O, CO, CO2, O2, He, Ar). Our solution allows pure gas to circulate between chamber and the system to minimize the cost of processing gas.

We customize the solution to meet customer’s specification.

World first production proven N2 purification system installed in advanced display manufacturing.

We are POR for the flexible OLED process.

We are the first Circular type purification system provider to many advanced display manufacturers in Korea and China.

The  advanced display manufacturers adopted our purification system based on demonstration of performance and safety compliances.

Our system complies to all safety requirements that is the most important decision factor of the purification system. We work with customers to integrate the safety and control solutions into main equipment.

Please contact us for more information about safety compliances and product.