Market demand for higher performance device is the engines of future technology. By working with partners have both development capability and production capacity will deliver customized product solutions. We work with our customers to develop a solution from the scratch or customize the current solution to enable the customer’s core technology. 

Our customers will 

save engineering time, development cost, ready to be on the market sooner than competitors, and get help on market penetration strategy set up through our 25 years experience in the industry and worldwide network

Got lost?

When you have no idea where to go with your core technology after spending days and nights, or after building a first prototype equipment, you definitely need to talk to us. We will protect your core idea/IP and work together with you to make your idea into product that will shape the human life in the near future. 


Do not know where to begin? We have helped many customers in finding right products and partners to bring your idea into reality. Please talk to ONUS.