IR / Convection Oven

Our IR Oven provides solution to maintain high temperature (≤ 300°C) with unique uniformity (± 3°C or 1% of max. temperature) to the display manufacturer. Our special design provides easy and low maintenance, and ideal for clean room (Class 10) environment. We customize the solution to meet customer’s specification.

Application (FPD, Solar, Semiconductor, etc.)
Drying after WET station after printing
OLED encapsulation/evaporation, PR Hardbake, PA curing
After rubbing curing & ETC

Glass size
G2~ G8.5, 10.5G

Max temperature
< 300°C

Temperature uniformity

10 class (ISO 4)

Process Gas
N2, CDA, Etc.

Gas control
O2, H2O < 10ppm