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All our solutions are customizable, competitively priced, and offer exceptional value and reliability.

Main and sub-equipment solutions for Display, Semiconductor and Solar industry

Convection Oven

Our Convection Oven provides solution to maintain high temperature (≤ 350°C) with unique uniformity (± 3°C) to the display manufacturer. Our special design provides easy and low maintenance, and ideal for small area clean room (Class 10) environment. We customize the solution to meet customer’s specification.

Gas Distribution System

Gas Distribution System provides steady gas flow and pressure in semiconductor, FPD, LED, and solar manufacturing process. Our solution filters toxic chemicals and vapors from outside risk factors and allow user to monitor amount of gas flow and collect data through Control Tower Monitoring System.

Gas Purification System

Gas Purification System (Circulation Purifier, Solvent Trap, Piping, and Gas Monitoring System) provides pure gas in semiconductor, FPD, LED, and solar manufacturing process. Our qualified purification system uses Getter material, Alumina, Zeolite, and etc. to absorb impurities (N2, H2, H2O, CO, CO2, O2, He, Ar). Our solution allows pure gas to circulate between chamber and the system to minimize the cost of processing gas.

Precision Stage System

Stage System is designed to control ultra-precision accuracy for the AOI and printing systems.

Ceramic Floating System (Porous Table)

Porous table allows transfer glasses through air from ceramic micro holes without the contact. The unique design of ceramic porous table provides uniform floating level.

Dry pump

With unique screw technology and world leading high efficiency drives, enabling advanced temperature control and long service intervals, our solution provides top class pumping speeds and low running costs for many years.

WET & Dry-Cleaning System

Cleaning system solutions are used in FPD, Solar, and Semiconductor industry with low maintenance time, easy maintenance, and high efficiency. Know-how for chemical make-up method and patent nozzle design allows cleaning process faster with precise uniformity.

LED (2″ ~ 4″), Semiconductor (150mm ~ 200mm), Display (G2 to G11) and Solar Manufacturing (ThinFilm)

Coating & Development Process Equipment

o LED manufacturing: 2″ ~ 4″

o Semiconductor: 150mm to 200mm

o Solar manufacturing

TM (Transfer Module) Chamber, System enclosure & Glove box for lab.

Our engineer provides custom chamber and enclosure to minimize the running cost and process improvements for semiconductor, FPD, LED, and solar manufacturing process and R&D.

Factory Automation

Our Smart Factory platform provides integrated monitoring, data collection, analyze root cause, and prevents accidents from human error. We provide complete FA solution for mass production at lowest cost of ownership.

Precision part machining for development and full production

Our engineers would work with your mechanical design engineers to establish concept design and simulate before manufacturing using AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Provide quick turn-around on prototypes and high-volume & high-precision machining parts. We also provide field engineering service to fix and diagnosis any occurring issues after installation.

o Vacuum chamber for Semiconductor (200mm and 300mm) and Display process equipment (G2 to G11)

o Aluminum and / or SUS (304, 316) with back-end process (EP, Powder coating)

o Assembly service : Class 10,000 assembly line ready

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