ONUS Solutions Co.

Through its excellent and active partnership with its customers and business partners, we provide customized parts, high-performance equipment and sub-equipment to Semiconductor, Display & Photovoltaic industries.

Established in 2012, ONUS Solutions has served and continue to serve as a bridge between its customers and world class manufacturers, specializing in product development, distribution and after-sales support of high-performance products.

Our main objective is to provide the customized products and services to meet specific needs of our customers in the most cost-effective way and on time.

When you partner with ONUS Solutions, you work directly with developers who have experience with your application. With you minimum disclosure of information or specification, we can

  • Propose initial solution of parts or equipment based on actual production released platform for next discussion with your team
  • Customize the product to meet your specific application needs through Web-Ex, face to face meeting, visiting your site or our factory because we know what it takes to make the product that is worth your investment
  • Provide transparent manufacturing process and QA before the shipment of product
  • Deliver and set up the part or equipment at your site
  • Stand behind our product to support when you need us

We are here to solve your design and manufacturing problems and issues. Please contact us at (408) 459-5771 or send us email to info@onusco.com

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